Vanlife Holiday Gift Guide: 13 Minimalist Gifts Vanlifers Will Love

Let’s face it, shopping for a minimalist or a vanlifer can be pretty tricky, which is why I created this vanlife holiday gift guide just for you. You’re welcome. Naturally, due to the fact that van lifers live in extremely tiny homes, living in a van means you have to be pretty strategic with your […]

5 Steps To Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Listening Room.

Looking to create the ultimate outdoor listening room? Don’t worry, I’ve got you.  Fall has quickly become my most favorite season this year. Honestly, I’ve spent most of my life not really paying attention to fall. Winter is hard for me and I feel like fall passes by in a heartbeat. I’ve just viewed it […]

Van life and Covid – How Covid-19 has changed Van Life.

When you think about van life, you probably think about endless travel, loose schedules, and lots and lots of exploring, right? But what happens when there is a global pandemic that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon?  Covid-19 has changed van life.  Before Covid-19, the van life community has always been pretty vocal […]

Bourbon Apple Cider Mule (Easy Fall Cocktail)!

This Bourbon Apple Cider Mule is a seasonal spin on the classic Moscow Mule. Okay, this may be weird but I’m definitely someone who categorizes cocktails by seasons. In my mind, the traditional Moscow Mule is a “summertime” cocktail. It’s typically a refreshing cocktail with a light liquor and is served super cold in a […]


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