5 Steps To Creating the Ultimate Outdoor Listening Room.

Looking to create the ultimate outdoor listening room? Don’t worry, I’ve got you. 

Fall has quickly become my most favorite season this year. Honestly, I’ve spent most of my life not really paying attention to fall. Winter is hard for me and I feel like fall passes by in a heartbeat. I’ve just viewed it as this flighty transition between melt your face off hot and too cold to function cold. Anyone else?

This year is the first year that I’ve really taken the time to enjoy fall since I’ve been camped out in Nashville for a while now. 

Usually, by now I’d be heading to the desert but since I’ve decided to stay put and keep socially distancing, I’m here to stay for a bit. 

When SONOS reached out to feature their portable speaker, SONOS Move, I knew I wanted to create the ultimate outdoor listening room featuring a fall-themed cocktail and an interactive playlist. 

Alright friends, are you ready for your simple guide to creating the ultimate outdoor listening room?

Here are 5 steps to make it one that stands out:

1. Choose a theme.

Whether it’s inviting a few friends over to listen to a new album drop or if you want to follow a specific genre or theme, you’ll want to have this planned ahead of time and discuss it with who you are inviting. 

For my theme, I thought it would be so fun to invite a few friends over and have them preselect a song that was somehow impactful in their teen years and then share it with the group.

The idea was that it could be serious or silly, but after they played the song we would all give our undivided attention to why it was impactful for them in such a pivotal time in their lives. 

At the end of the night, all of the songs we selected would be added to a playlist that we would have access to through a shared link.

This was such a fun way to connect with friends and learn something new about them! Everyone had a blast with it as well, so it was a win-win. 

2. Sound Quality Matters

What I wanted to feature about the SONOS Move is that not only does it sound incredible inside, but it also sounds incredible outside, which is something that I think portable speakers severely lack. 

It also gets loud enough for the whole group while maintaining it’s incredibly balanced sound. 

I don’t recommend hosting an outdoor listening room with subpar sound, so I definitely think you’ll be incredibly happy with this speaker. 

3. Pick a signature or themed cocktail for your guests. 

Since I’m really soaking up these fall vibes, I knew I wanted to incorporate a cocktail with apple cider. 

These Apple Cider Mules were a hit and were so easy to make. Click here to find the recipe.

4. Create a unique and comfortable outdoor space.

Okay, to be honest, my outdoor creations can be a bit extra but I’m here for it. You may not have even noticed, but I actually use a lot of the same items over and over again, but with just a few changes to make it look like a whole new space. 

Most of my outdoor living space for the night was repurposed from my Outdoor Picnic and Movie Night that I posted on my blog. 

One way to create the feeling of an outdoor listening room is to bring elements you would normally find indoors and bring them outside. 

The couch was a hit and was great for more seating. I also had a bunch of pillows that we could make into additional seating or places to lounge. 

5. Consider a covered space.

This is kind of a branch off from the previous step, but I had this 10×10 ft tent from when I used to be in craft fairs and just tied some sheets up to create that feeling of being inside a room. 

Whether you create a little fort out of sheets tied to trees, host the space in your garage, or use a tent, I think that having your room in a covered space truly feels like a room and is unique to the experience. 

Bonus: Use lots of fairy lights. Outdoor spaces are dreamy, especially when you have the right lighting. One way to do this is to get some cheap strands of soft white globe lights and go to town. You won’t be sorry.

There you have it! You just created the ultimate outdoor listening room. Wohoo! 

Did you try this at home? Send me a DM over on instagram and send me a photo! I would LOVE to see how you set up your ultimate outdoor listening room. 

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