Bourbon Apple Cider Mule (Easy Fall Cocktail)!

This Bourbon Apple Cider Mule is a seasonal spin on the classic Moscow Mule.

Okay, this may be weird but I’m definitely someone who categorizes cocktails by seasons. In my mind, the traditional Moscow Mule is a “summertime” cocktail. It’s typically a refreshing cocktail with a light liquor and is served super cold in a copper mug. It’s a cocktail that keeps things me chill during the hot summer months.

We are into the swing of fall here in Nashville and really wanted to create a fall inspired Moscow Mule. I’m not a big fan of Vodka (which is traditionally used in mules) and for some reason, I associate bourbon with cold months (I am who I am).

Turns out, apple cider, ginger beer, bourbon, and a lime taste AMAZING together and you really can’t get it wrong. Its bubbly, sweet, a little sour, and super tasty.


What’s needed:

  • Bourbon of choice
  • Ginger Beer or Ginger Ale
  • Fresh Limes
  • Apple Cider
  • Ice
  • Copper Mule Mugs (optional but highly recommended)

Step one: Add ice to mule mug. Pour 2 oz Bourbon and then add ginger beer (amount will depend on how big your mug is) about 4 Oz. Top with apple cider. Squeeze in half a lime and stir.

Step two: Garnish and a lime wedge. Serve Immediately.

Not sure where to find mule mugs? Here are some recommendations:

I like this kit a lot because it comes as a set of 4 and includes copper straws, a shot glass, and a recipe booklet. It would make a great gift!

These also come in a set of four and would make a great gift. I also really like the straighter stile and the large handles.

This set is most similar to the pair own which I’ve had for years. I like the textured sides and love the shape.

This cocktail would be an awesome staple for a holiday-themed party or even at something like this: 6 Tips to Host a Perfect Backyard Fall Picnic and Outdoor Movie Night

If you try this Bourbon Apple Cider Mule recipe at home, leave me a comment here. and then send me a DM over on instagram and let me know what you think!

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