TOP 10 Van Life Essentials for Fall

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler which may mean that you’re spending more time in your van. You know what that means?

It’s time to get cozy AF with this van life essentials list for fall.

When it starts getting cooler and darker out, no matter if my home is on wheels or in a home with four walls, I go into a serious nesting and cozy zone. I love being wrapped up in a billion blankets with a movie on and candles flickering. It’s a whole vibe that I’m 100% here for.

One thing I love about fall in a van is that not only is it super comfortable to sleep at night (those nights that were too hot to sleep are now in the past) and you really get to enjoy your home for the first time in a long time.

In the spring and summer we tend to be out all day long hiking, adventuring, exploring but with shorter days, we are settling down way earlier.

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This is my Van Life Essential list for fall to keep you cozy and happy this season:

1. Van Life Essentials for Fall – The Anker Nebula Capsule Mini Projector

Anker Nebula Capsule Mini Projector

This projector is AMAZING and is super compact. It’s literally the size of a soda can. It has about a 4-hour rechargeable battery life which is awesome and is super bright and clear. What I love about most about this projector is that it’s wireless, which means not only can you put it anywhere you want, you don’t have to worry about sucking your batteries dry at night. I usually charge mine during the day so it’s good to go at night. I’ve made this my number one choice because it makes it feel like you have a massive tv even though you are in a tiny van. I’ve even brought this outside and hung up a sheet on my van to watch movies with a few friends.

Pro tip: if you plan on streaming anything, you won’t be able to use a projector because of some sort of streaming claims (I have no idea what those are but trust me, it won’t let you stream if you’re on wifi). One work around is to get an HDMI cable and adaptor for your phone and screen share. You’re welcome in advance.

2. Mr. Heater Buddy Heater

If you’re like me and don’t have a couple grand to drop on a heating system for your van, this Mr. Heater Buddy Heater works like a charm. We’ve had one of these in every single van that we’ve lived in and it’s a game changer if you don’t have another heat source. It’s safe to use indoors, has an automatic shut off switch, and is pretty compact. Make sure you crack a window or have something to vent your space when using propane.

3. Teva Ember Moc

These have been on wish-list forever! They are like slippers that you can wear as shoes. I mean, that sounds like a dream to me. I personally think they are super cute and they come in a lot of different colors. They also come in a boot as well!

4. Van Life Essentials for Fall – Indoor Slipper Boots

Okay, are you seeing a theme here? Slippers are a MUST when you plan on living in your van in the fall and winter. I have a pair of fuzzy boot slippers that i’ve had for years. Unlike the Teva Moc shoe, I wouldn’t wear these as normal shoes or out in public, but slipping your foot into a fuzzy slipper boot on a cold night is pure cozy-ness. I LOVE my slipper boots, even if they are… unique looking. Trust me on this one, fuzzy slippers are essential!

5. Van Life Essentials for Fall – USB Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights create such a cozy and soft vibe to a van and I’ve had a set of these in every van that we’ve had as well. I prefer the USB version, mostly because if for some reason my battery system goes out, I can always plug these into my computer or even to the dashboard of my van and have light inside. They do have version where you can plug them in to an outlet or are battery powered but I’ve noticed that the ones that are battery powered don’t get as bright.

6. Van Life Essentials for fall- Thick Wool Socks

I have multiple pairs of wool socks and trust me, I feel like this is one of those things that you can have extra of in a van. I live in wool socks when it gets colder outside, especially at night when the floor gets really cold. I love wearing them with hiking boots but it’s totally not above me to wear them with my Teva Sandals. Yep I’m a socks and sandals kinda gal. Can’t touch this.

7. Van Life Essentials for fall – A warm and cozy throw

I personally love my faux fur throw (pictured here), but a sherpa or knit throw totally work if that’s more your style. I love wrapping up in mine when either sitting around a fire, reading, or watching a movie in the van. This throw is SO warm. I use this as a blanket for an additional layer if the night is going to get into the lows or if i’m not ready to get into bed yet and just want to be cozy. A cozy throw or blanket in the fall is an essential for a cozy home on wheels.

8. Van life essentials for fall – An insulated Thermos

There’s nothing like making your coffee in the morning and it getting too cold to drink within just a few minutes (sarcasm) . Okay, I may be a little snobby but I like my coffee really hot. I can’t stand the taste of it when it gets room temp or colder. Naturally when the air is colder, your coffee isn’t going to stay hot as long. An insulated thermos will keep your coffee hot longer (this one keeps it hot up to 24 hours). I also like a good thermos because sometimes I want to hit the trail in the morning but I’m not done with my coffee. Hitting the trail early on a fall morning, getting to the view point and sitting down with a hot cup of coffee; man that is quite a treat.

9. A portable fire pit.

Okay, I’m I stretching a bit that this is essential? Maybe. Do I have this on my wish-list right now for fall? Absolutely. Here’s why Solo Stove made it on the list: It’s portable, it’s small, it’s sexy af, and it’s smoke free (which means for us vanlifers, we won’t smell like a fire for an entire week until our next shower). Plus campfires are essential for fall, so this is a win win. If you are in a campsite that doesn’t have a designated fire pit, this one has you covered. Solo Stove does have other sizes as well as camp stoves.

Prepare for Fall Weather with Solo Stove’s Fall Event! Take Over 25% Off Fire Pits!

10. Van Life Essentials for fall – A good smelling candle.

It’s fall which means that you can finally bust out your favorite candle in the van. (Okay, call me crazy but I do think candles heat up the van a bit when it’s cold out. It may be extremely slightly, but it’s enough for me to keep buying them). Really though, if you’re a candle person, having one in your van just feels like home and since you’ll be spending more time in your van, why not make it feel as much like a home as possible? I linked one of my all time favorite candles here but any will do. Don’t leave a lit candle unattended in your van… ever…

There you have it! Is there anything that didn’t make this list that you think is essential? Leave it in the comments below.

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