My Daily Skincare Routine – For The Biome.

Ritual and routine have been such a priority since I’ve moved into a van. 

Van life (or simply life on the road) can sometimes feel like I’m constantly up-rooting, so something consistent like a daily skincare routine or ritual tends to bring stability back into my life that is always on the move.

I hate to admit it, but before discovering For The Biome for this sponsored post, skincare was the last thing on my priority list (if it even made it on the list at all).

I’ve never been someone who wanted to have a bunch of products that I would put on my skin day and night, even when I didn’t live in a van. Anytime I would try to implement something like that, my skin would almost always end up feeling worse or looking worse than before I started.

My personal journey in my skin has been a long and painful one for most of my adult life, to be honest. 

Around the age of 17 I started getting really bad cystic acne that would only become worse the older that I got. It left a lot of scars, both on my skin and emotionally.

Tbh, It was painful.

I started noticing a change once I moved into my van that my skin cleared up. Why? 

Because I stopped using all those products on my face and stopped wearing makeup (I also stopped eating as much dairy and started eating a lot of dark leafy greens but that’s a whole other story). ‘

Now that I know how much better my skin is with out stripping it from it’s natural oils, I want to make sure they are free of any ingredients that could disrupt my skin’s natural processes. 

What does that mean?

This means I only use products without preservatives, fillers, or any potential toxins.

That’s is why I’ve been using For The Biome because their products are 100% active and use whole ingredients that support the health of my skin’s microbiome (or the trillions of bacteria that live on the skin and help your skin thrive).

What I absolutely love about For The Biome is that you can be your own alchemist. You can literally customize your routine for whatever your skin needs that day.

What I use for my Daily Skincare Routine: Skin type: Dry/Dehydrated

Empower Powder 2-in-1: This cleanser + mask duo champions your moisture barrier with our potent aloe vera’s cell-regenerating polysaccharides that boost skin recovery 3x more than traditional aloe gel. It also increases hydration by 100% within one hour of application for skin that instantly appears firmer. After using this my skin feels SO hydrated and healthy.

Adapt Essence Spray: This union of mushrooms and probiotics through Artisanal Fermentation™ delivers a prebiotic mist that acts like a feast for your skin’s microbiome, bestowing dry skin with a sublime smoothing, toning, and hydrating experience. It feels like HEAVEN and sometimes its all my skin needs for the day.

Shield Face Serum: Made of the strongest volcanic CO2 extracted actives, this serum helps to defend skin from environmental stress and blue light radiation for a clearer, smoother complexion. A red glow upon application signals activation and quickly absorbs for a translucent, mattified shield. It’s not greasy at all and leaves me feeling refreshed.

The best part? It’s allowed me to create such a beautiful ritual every morning and night. 

There is just something really grounding just using the tool kit to mix up the elements to use on my skin.

By the way, your first purchase of any powder or set that includes a powder comes with a free Tool Kit.

One way to try out For The Biome to see what you think is to try all seven products in their Discovery Trial Set (for just $38). That way you can see what truly resonates with your unique skin.

All images shot by: Amber Kelly

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