Simmered Eggs with Kale and Sweet Potato | GF Vegetarian and Whole30 approved

This savory breakfast/brunch recipe with simmered eggs, kale, and sweet potato is a show stopper when camping with friends. For one, simmering eggs just already looks hella culinary and adding the kale and sweet potato is a balance of all the savory flavors. It’s hearty, healthy, and has very little ingredients. It’s Gluten Free and looks fancy AF.

The best part (besides how it tastes)? It’s a one pan meal.

Simmered eggs with kale and sweet potato. Fork cutting into egg with loose yolk.

Disclaimer: I’m not on Whole30 at the moment but when I was I made this ALL the time.

Ingredients needed for recipe. Includes onion, eggs, sweet potato, and kale
Ingredients needed for Steamed Eggs with Kale and Sweet Potato

What you’ll need:

  • Oil of choice (I use Olive Oil)
  • Onion
  • 1/2 Sweet Potato (sliced and halved)
  • 2 eggs
  • Chopped Kale
  • Salt and Peper
  • Optional: Garlic Salt
  • Optional: Hot Sauce


In a large frying pan add your oil and onions on medium heat. Stir until fragrant. Add sweet potatoes (I cut them thin to allow them to cook faster).

Knife with sliced and halved sweet potato
I cut my sweet potatoes thin and small to cook faster but you do you, boo.

Once sweet potatoes are softened, add chopped kale. Stir until it begins to wilt (2-3 minutes). Turn down heat to medium-low or low depending on your stove and push kale, sweet potatoes, and onions all towards the center of the pan. Crack eggs on top and add salt and pepper. Cover pan with lid until eggs are no longer translucent (about 5 minutes). If you want a runny yolk, uncover and serve while the yolks are still soft. If you want a medium yolk, let it cook longer until the yolk is no longer soft in the middle. Top with hot sauce and a pinch of garlic salt if that’s your jam.

Side image of kale with eggs, hot sauce, kale, and sweet potato

Now go on and impress your friends with this easy camp meal you just made from scratch.

If you’ve tried this recipe let me know in the comments below. Then head over to instagram and send me a DM! I can’t wait to hear what you think.

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